To visitors
About restricted area around Owakudani

On Friday 11th September 14:00 pm, the Japan Meteorological Agency lowered the volcano alert for Owakudani in Hakone town from level 3 to level 2, which regulates entry to areas around the volcanic vent.

The range of the restricted area around the Owakudani volcano vent was reduced to a radius of 440m to 530m, from a radius of 1km. Traffic regulations, prefectural roads 734 and 735 ( Sounzan ~ Ubako ), were cancelled partly.

However, Owakudani is still off-limits. Hakone Ropeway has been suspended and some local buses that run through Owakudani are taking an alternate route. Hakone Ropeway substitute buses are operating between Sounzan and Togendai.

And also some hiking trails around Owakudani are closed as follows:
・Sounzan - Owakudani
・Komagatake - Mt.Kami - Owakudani
・Owakudani via Souzan to Komagatake
・Komagatake - Bougasawa

The volcanic activity has not finished yet,but it is calming down. We hope you can fully enjoy the tree leaves, which is changing color to red and yellow, and SUSUKI (Japanese pampas grass) of autumn in Hakone, with attention to information from the Hakone local government and relevant organizations.

These measures were taken in order to safeguard the tourists.
The safety of tourists comes first. We will exchange information with the Hot Springs Research Institute of Kanagawa Prefecture, the Japan Meteorolog ical Agency and the relevant organizations of Kanagawa Prefecture to transmit the appropriate information.

Thank you very much for your kind cooperation.
Tourism Section, Hakone Town


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1.jpgMount View Hakone is situated in Hakone where the place is renown as profuse hot springs in the world. Mount View Hakone provides 33 guest rooms that includes 3 premium rooms and 1 suit room. In addition, every aspect of Mount View Hakone is devoted to provide best services to our guests, for example, open-air baths, group accommodation, etc.
Hotel is located in the traffic central of Sengoku that is a famous tourist center in Hakone, so Mount View Hakone would be the best choice for travelling in Hakone.
You could take Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus from Shinjuku station to "Sen goku bun ka senta-mae" station by approximately 2 hours to visit Mount View Hakone.

furo.jpgMount View Hakone serves three different style open-air baths.
At open-air bath service, the time would be 45 minutes and the price is 2,000 Yen and 3,000 Yen. Please note, the reservation system for overnight guests will arrange order of adoption by the time of check in. Therefore, it could happen out of appointment due to the large number of reservation.

The most popular museums in Hakone, such as Hakone Glass Museum, Le Petit Prince Museum and Lalique Museum, are just near by Mount View Hakone. You can reach several different style museums easily by walking. The Lake Ashi also can reach 15 minutes by bus. If you would like go for a shopping mall tour, the best shopping mall in Hakone, Outlets of Gotenba, is 30 minutes far by car. When you would like have a long distance trip, the nearest bus stop is “Sengoku bun ka centa mae” which is just 20 seconds away by walking from Mount View Hakone.


※private spa(until 14:00) is available
(please note that we can't accept
reservation for the private spa)
※rental bath towel 200 yen