Kawarano Yu Mount view Hakone

Mount View Hakone, located on Blonde Street, which leads to the famous Hakone / Sengokuhara famous spot "Susukinohara", is a hot spring inn where you can enjoy a rare milky white nigiriyu in the suburbs of Kanto.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a relaxing open-air bath that is healed by the flow of Hayakawa, Japanese cuisine using seasonal ingredients, and rooms with tatami mats.

The famous hot spring of "Nigori-yu" is rich in hot spring atmosphere, and you can enjoy it slowly in the open-air bath or private open-air bath. A smile will spill out on your moist skin after the bath.

For a meal, enjoy a delicious taste of the season at a Japanese-style dining table that changes every month.