Kawamata-no-Yu Mount View Hakone

[Notice] Thanks to you, the hot spring has been restored! !
               Both the outdoor bath and the private outdoor bath
               Hot springs are available.
            Sorry for the inconvenience. November 5

Mount View Hakone is a hot spring inn where you can enjoy the rare milky nigari hot water in the Kanto suburbs, following the famous Susukinohara in Hakone and Sengokuhara.

Take a relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in a private open-air bath where you can be healed by the flow of Hayakawa, Japanese cuisine using seasonal ingredients, and rooms with tatami flooring.

You can enjoy the famous hot springs of Nigeri-yu, which is rich in hot springs, in an open-air bath or a private open-air bath. You will spill a smile on your moisturized skin after bathing.

Meals can be enjoyed seasonally with Japanese dishes that change from month to month.