October 7, 2019 Eruption warning level lowered to 1 (note that it is an active volcano)

[Kanagawa Prefectural Onsen Geological Research Institute]

Volcanic activity around Owakudani (Mt. Hakone)

The Japan Meteorological Agency has announced eruption alert level 1 (note that it is an active volcano).

Since mid-March of this year (2019), crustal movements showing active seismic activity and mountain expansion have been observed at Hakone, and eruption alert level 2 was announced on May 19. Since then, volcanic activity has declined, and the frequency of earthquakes has recently become pre-active, and changes in crustal deformation that indicate mountain expansion have been stagnant. However, active fumarolic activity continues in the assumed crater area around Owakudani, and caution is required. The Onsen Geological Research Institute will continue to observe carefully in the future.


[Hakone Town HP]

October 7, 2019, 10:00 am The eruption alert level of Owakudani has been announced to be lowered from 2 (regulation around the crater) to 1 (note that it is an active volcano). In the future, we will prepare for the review of entrance regulations after discussions with related organizations such as Kanagawa Prefecture. We will continue regulations.

We will let you know when the park is reopened.



Q: Can I use a credit card for payment?

A: You cannot use a credit card under 5,000 yen.

Please pay in Japanese yen.

Q: Can I leave my luggage before / after my stay?
Luggage can be stored at the hotel before check-in and after check-out. Please tell us.

From Hakone Yumoto Station, our hotel has the following services.


Q: What is the reservation method and price for a private open-air bath?
Reservation method for private open-air bath is reservation at the time of check-in on the day.
Reservations by phone are not possible.
“Kaguya” is 3,000 yen for 2 people in 45 minutes “Goldfish” and “Medaka” is 2,000 yen for 2 people in 45 minutes

Q: Are there any restrictions on the response time in English or Chinese?
Staff are available from 8:30 am to 21pm.
If you have any questions, please do so in time.

Q: Use / Price for Japanese Massage / Aroma Treatment

■ Massage (whole body)
40 minutes 4,600 yen
60 minutes 6,700 yen

■ Aroma treatment (Body Facial etc.)
40 minutes from 9,200 yen
60 minutes from 10,400 yen

Q: Please tell me how to use Japanese inns.
There is a guide with pictures in the information in the room.

Q: Is it okay to go to a restaurant in a yukata?
You can use yukata at all locations including the restaurant.

Q: Is there a convenience store nearby?
Lawson (1 minute walk), 7-Eleven (10 minute walk)